Why content is vital for SEO

SEO and content

When both are done perfectly, they have the power to keep the website on the top of search engine ranking.

The aim of this article is to make you aware about the importance of content in SEO and what you can do to ensure that both are in harmony.

But when both are at their worst condition, it may result in Google penalties and it will be difficult for a website to recover.

As you proceed further, you will understand the meaning of content and how to come up with customized content which can come in the eyes of search engine.

Know about content

Content is not only limited to text which are written in the form of blogs and post. It can be anything right from the image to audio, video, slides, tools and so on. In short content can be anything which can be read, watch, listen or interact with your target audience. It is a useful information which can address pain points of customers and can connect with their emotions. Content can be available in the form of white paper, brochure, e-book, social media, conversations, docs, PDFs, spread sheets, google docs, word docs etc.

While above definition of content is most appropriate, but one thing is that content present on many online platforms may or may not be useful to the reader. Now, you might have understood the basic definition of content along with their formats. But how it is related to SEO? And why SEO and content should go hand-in-hand?

SEO demands keywords

Well! This is true and everyone knows this. So where keywords are integrated? You can’t simply write them on your website multiple times. It should be integrated in content without interrupting the flow. Content marketing is all about writing content for humans and using the targeted keywords.

Obviously Panda will hit your website if you try to overstuff keywords in the content. But when SEO and content marketing join hands, your work becomes easy and fine.

SEO needs backlinks. Content generates backlinks.

SEO always dreams for backlinks. It always wants incredible websites to give link to your website. But this dream can only be met with killer content. You can also contact SEO content writing services but some are not authentic. The best way to get link is to come up with attention-grabbing content which can force masses to give links. This is the real way of getting success in SEO and it becomes possible only through content.

SEO demands content. You may hear this again and again. And that’s the reason the periodic table of SEO’s success starts with the content “elements”, in which the first element is the quality content. Hit the right cord with your content, and you have built a strong foundation for all SEO efforts.

What Google will rank, if you don’t have content

Quite logical, right? Without content Google can’t rank your website. Every website requires text and keywords written by content writers. It also tells Google that for which keyword your website should be ranked.

But writing content doesn’t mean repeating keywords multiple times without making any sense. This will surely penalize your website and it will be difficult to recover. In such case, users might get your website easily, but they won’t spend much time on it and Google will make a note of it. So, sometimes it becomes better to hire content writing services for writing content in correct format on your website.

Bottom Line

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